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【初中作文】The Way to Keep Healthy-平衡积木

【初中作文】The Way to Keep Healthy

发布于:2021-12-02 08:55:23

The Way to Keep Healthy
分类: 作文 > 英语作文 > 初中英语作文 > 初二英语作文 > The Way to Keep Healthy_保护健康的方法
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It s important for us to be healthy all our life. We can t study or work well without healthy body. There re many ways to keep healthy. First of all, we should keep taking exercises every day. We can walk to school instead of taking a bus. After school, we can spend an hour playing ball games. If we live in a high-rise, we can walk upstairs or downstairs. Second, we should have a balanced diet. Finally, we must remember: Early to bed, early to rise is the way to keep healthy, wealthy and wise.